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Hi all, thanks for arriving and having a read of the articles on here. It is all a scrolling Blog however every article is labelled and titled as accurately as I can. Use the label list or article lists to go straight to what you want to read (if you haven't found it already!). I have added summary pages in the top bar, that will have all the direct links to related posts.


Honourable Opponents

Here I will post a small introduction to the other-half of the Battles that are fought, as both a thanks and to lend some insight into the minds of my foes.


Known Forces: Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, (and other minor rogue elements)

I have known Chazz for quite a few years. For other denizens of the net he is also known for his work at This community is more focused around PC and console games, however there is plenty of cross-over.

He is actually responsible for dragging me back into 6th Ed. I was hell bent on getting my WHFB 8th Ed going. However have now been reasonably sidetracked. Until my Imperial Fists project is complete, then I'll be free to try and drag him across to WHFB.

Chazz is a great opponent and has put up with alot of stunned-"wtf", "bull", "show me" calls as we both learnt 6ed and re-learnt our armies. He has always been able to enjoy the game and if you get the chance he would love to unleash his Mindshackle Scarabs upon you.

Chazz is the 2012 ADF WH40k he knows his stuff.


I found Swordmaster on WargamerAU as he was cross-posting up his own battle reports for his High Elves on After some continued discussion back and forth he came up with the idea of playing a game of WHFB using Universal Battle. So we managed to play the game and in the interest of fair an non-biased reporting we are both going to be doing up reports on the battle...I wonder how skewed our perspectives are! (interesting experiment).

There is no doubt there will be a more games played between us. A healthy Dark Elf vs High Elf grudge record does need to be maintain after all!

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