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Battlefield: Vogen (40K Campaign)

Greetings All!

Big news from the battlefield city of Vogen! Armies have descended upon the abandoned city determined to loot the city for ancient archeotech and claim the powerful relics held in stasis vaults within the tombs underneath the Palace of Peace.

This is a campaign played out across the Vogen City Map. Armies are built around 750 pt strike forces that will receive reinforcements and support over time. More details will be provided shortly on the 'rules' that we are using. There are also a few 'neutral' forces that pop up around the battlefield causing further chaos.

Armies in attendance:

Imperial Fists
Dark Angels
Grey Knights
Tau Empire

Iron Warriors
Dark Eldar

For those unfamiliar with the battlefield:

The campaign uses the Victory Points of the areas marked on the map. Each army takes a turn to claim a area of the map. If held by an opponent, a battle is fought. 12 VPs are required prior to attempting an assault on the Palace of Peace, which is defended by an independent force. This battle is fought in a custom scenario which sees the aggressor attacking a dug-in defensive position. Over the battle they can degrade/destroy the fortifications and make future assaults easier. Armies are free to conduct battles against themselves, some areas will have custom scenarios to match the area, or the forces engaged. Fortification 'dots' provide 50 points of 'mercenary' forces that can be drawn from 'allied' forces; these do not have to meet force organisations requirements, or any other numerical requirements. As rules evolve these will be detailed.

This campaign is currently ongoing and the reporters of the Vogen City Herald will be bringing you the latest and bloodiest news from the front lines.

Introducing the combatants:

Imperial Fists

Led by Captain Attien Dromel a strike force from the Imperial Fists 4th Company has commenced breaching operations in order to seek secure entrance into the crypts below the Palace of Peace. Acting on intelligence of Imperial Relics bearing Astartes characteristics, Captain Dromel seeks to secure any relics from unworthy hands and return any legitimate relics into the Chapters possession.

With two Tactical Squads, a combat squad of Assault Marines, and the Dreadnought Hostur at his command, Captain Dromel will need all the battlecraft of his ancestors to prevail.

Dark Angels

Having drawn confession from captured Fallen about the relics contained within stasis vaults, Librarian Zachariah ordered the immediate capture of vital Imperial locations and supply lines to be planned for movement into the Palace of Peace.

Accompanied by a precious squad of Deathwing after his hunt for the Fallen, Librarian Zachariah and his platoon of two tactical squads and a Landspeeder on loan from the Ravenwing began the advance deeper into the city.


Warboss Grotnutz is a recent arrival on Vogen due to the suspiciously damaged engine of his flying waaagh-ship. Far more cunning than the other forces fighting their way through the city, Warboss Vogen knows the sneakiest way is to just go straight through and take the good bits first, then worry about the others.

Lucky for Grotnutz his faithful mekboyz have been able to strap together some abandoned armour plates to make a few tin cans to stomp about above the boyz as they charge through the city.

Dark Eldar

Drifting on the edges of a larger raiding force Archon Malyix had hired Baron Sathonyx to conduct a quick raid into the refugee settlements that had sprung up on the edges of the city that was once known as Vogen. The screams of the terrified vagrants was beautiful to hear as it echoed along the walled fortifications. Reaver scouts however were reporting multiple forces amassing around the city in preparation of lengthy city assaults.

Curious as to what was attracting the forces, and fully aware of the opportunity for fresh victims along the fringes of the warring forces Archon Malyix commanded fresh barges be sent for loading of the rapidly expanding prisoner holds.

Grey Knights

Unbeknownst to the forces that had descended upon the city, the stasis vaults that had remain hidden beneath the Palace of Peace contained archeotech crafted to contain tiny bubbles of pure warp space. Designed to act as loci for Astropaths, or as last-ditch emergency annihilation for planets, the release of even one of these relics could cause unfathomable havoc across the Sector if intelligence of their loss became common knowledge.

Accompanied by Strike Force Ellipse Brother-Captain Nathun teleported into the city with orders to capture the strategic facilities in preparation of a protracted campaign to cleanse the city and secure the relics.


Ethereal Lin'a'shou received a urgent transmission from some Pathfinders that were covertly monitoring the city, observing the forces concentrating about the walls. Something dire was occurring and the people of Vogen were leaderless in their defence against the hostile armies.

Roughly as 'Bloodless Victor', Lin'a'shou had developed an expertise in converting local populations to the Greater Good. However, bloodless refers to the Tau losses. Losses of the uprising population are often immense. Vogen was a perfect opportunity to cement long term influence amongst the population with the judicious use of technology and force to sway popular opinion.

Iron Warriors

Warsmith Fernus had spent days tunnelling through ground beneath the Eastern Fortifications of Vogen. It was an elegant strategic choice. He now had intact fortifications nearby to anchor his assault, as well as a secure, and secret resupply route out of the city. After a careful and deliberate study of the previous campaigns waged over the city, errant scraps of tortured information painted a tantalising picture. Despite the loss of the city, the Exterminatus protocols had failed to trigger. Capturing the armed yet uninitiated devices would be an unsurpassed threat to leverage capitulation from Imperial hold-outs in the Sector.

With a small assault force, Warsmith Fernus mapped out early plans to captured abandoned munitions in the nearby ex-Cadian HQ. With heavier ordnance, breaching a path through the city towards the Palace of Peace would be relatively straightforward.


Necron Overlord Sha'hatok, Hope's End, who was thoroughly displeased to be re-awoken from his slumber by enemies tunnelling beneath Vogen City and coming perilously close to discovering the Necron tunnel system. Sending messages throughout the crypts he began reactivating more of his warriors to drive the mortals out.

Gathering his warriors around him he sent his scout forces forward in a Night Scythe to clear the way and began the march up towards the surface and into the city. The mortals would pay for disturbing his dreams.

The Campaign Progress

Turn 1

This opening turn saw each of the armies claim a non-victory point location around the edges of the map. Most forces had enemies deploying adjacent, or very close by which might see combat spill over quickly.

Turn 2

Turn 2 saw most armies move into VP locations to commence gathering thee requisite 12 VPs prior to the assault on the Palace. The Imperial Fists closed their flank from the Ork Waaagh by claiming one of the Eastern Fortifications. The Dark Angels secured the Imperial Basilica from any easy Traitor-marine forces. The Orks commenced a head-long charge directly towards the shiny domes of the Palace of Peace. The Dark Eldar infiltrated the Water Purification Plant in order to seed debilitating poison throughout the city water supply. The Grey Knights claimed the strategic Spaceport in preparation of further aerial deployments around the city. Unable to leave the civilian populace to be poisoned by pirate Xenos, the Tau commenced a successful assault to drive the would-be poisoners from the buildings. Ambivalent to the fight underway, the Necrons claimed the vital North Gate, which provided excellent subterranean access to the tunnels leading away from the city.

-Note: As the first battle we played a normal 6x4 game and found that it was too big for the size of the forces we were deploying. Future games would be played on 4x4 tables with additional scenery and scenario rules to match the area.

Turn 3

A more peaceful turn saw each force consolidate further into adjacent areas. The Imperial Fists commenced claiming the Northern Hab sectors. The Dark Angels secured a path towards the Administratum buildings. Taking a short detour the Orks overran a building which was overlooking the Palace Grounds. The Dark Eldar were busy raiding nearby refugee camps, expanding their access along the edge of the city. The Grey Knights seized the abandoned Gun platforms atop Gibbet Hill. The Tau bargained with the remaining Arbites to secure their facilities in return for passage through the area. Identifying weakpoints in the ex-Cadian HQ building, the Iron Warriors began claiming the railhead entrances to their breach point. The Necrons took over the Vogen Theatre for the entertainment of the Necron Lord.

Turn 4

Another turn of consolidation. The Imperial Fists continued to claim Hab areas while the Dark Angels seized the Law Courts. The Orks continued their charge towards the Palace. Busy on public relations tasks the Dark Eldar seized the Administrative Quarter. The few remaining the government officials were secured by the Grey Knights in the Imperial Senate House. Continuing to secure their holdings the western districts the Tau commenced trade operations to start restoring the local economy. Warsmith Fernus closed the last weak point in railhead and prepared to move up operations toward the Palace. The Necrons claimed half of the mercantile district that was adjacent to their flank.

Turn 5

Further consolidation of forces for all armies. The Palace of Peace was now becoming dangerously surrounded by hostile forces. A number of armies were now holding sufficient vital terrain to allow them to contemplate assaulting the Palace in the near future. Of note, the Grey Knights deployed and secured areas at the rear of the Tau forces, possibly in anticipation of attacking their command elements once they had committed to a battle in the middle of the city.

Turn 6

Wide spread conflict broke out this turn as territorial borders started forcing aggressive actions to be taken. The Imperial Fists secured the last of the Hab buildings, essentially creating a single fortified district. The Dark Angels commenced their assault upon the Palace of Peace however were rebuffed by the defenders. They were able to destroy a turret and a wall section, which would make the advance easier for the next assault (pic of scenario below). The Orks moved forward to capture the Angel Square and allow them to conduct an assault on the Palace in the near future. The Dark Eldar claimed the second Southern Fortification, happy to rove the edges of the city and capture survivors as they tried to escape. The Grey Knights moved into the Mercantile District after prompting by the Senators they had previously secured. The Tau struck the Necrons defending the Palace Grounds, forcing them away from the palace (see Vogen City Herald: Xenos Cage Fight). The Iron Warriors continued to build a solid base of operations. The Necrons falling back from the Palace grounds turned and commenced an assault upon the Grey Knights who had yet to settle into the Mercantile District.
Palace of Peace Siege - Dark Angels 1st Assault
The Grey Knights were able to defend a crashed Ork Gargant from being claimed by the Necrons, rebuffing their attack. (see VCH: Trapped in a Gargant - by Hayle Dornic for a 'accurate' depiction of events).

NOTE:  We adjusted some rules for the campaign as follows:
-Armies can only into one adjacent areas (areas in contact with a controlled border) per turn
-Armies are required to have a supply line through to the external walls - a continuous controlled area. If they do not, or it is broken by losing a battle, they will fight future battles at -100 pts until a supply line is secured.
-Armies are entities on the map now. Any territory that they are in or adjacent to can be defended at full points cost. If they are attacked further away they fight at -100 points.
-Armies are still able to elect to fortify a location gaining 50pts of mercenaries in any future battles.

These rules were put in place to stop a rush straight to the Palace and then constant battles. Armies now need to make sure they are not strategically cut off and unable to continue their assaults. An army that has its supply line cut, and is not adjacent to an attacked territory fights at -200pts - incentive enough! (Rules to govern decimated armies will be introduced later on when it occurs)

Turn 7 (Underway)

The Imperial Fists continued to consolidate their hold on the city sector claiming the important power Genatorium. The Dark Angels moved away from the Palace the effort of a failed assault had consumed much of their supplies and they were in need of securing a supply line to outside the city if they were to continue the fight. The Orks charged the walls of the Palace however the fortified gun positions and the willingness of the defenders to slow the Orks with sacrifices meant the Palace did not fall, however the casualties dangerously reduced the defenders strength. Dark Eldar Hellions identified the Gun Towers as good objectives to hold to launch raids from and the areas beneath them were secured prior to future acquisitions. Upon hearing word that local sympathisers were supporting the Necron occupation the Grey Knights continued their purge of the Mercantile Districts, successfully driving out the Necron forces, and executing the civilian sympathisers.

Tau assault on Palace TBA
Chaos attack on Imperial Basilica TBA.

Turn 8

Turn 9

Turn 10

Turn 11

Turn 12

Turn 13

For an unedited and without context quick overview of the opening phases of the campaign you can have a look at these:

Plenty more extra detail and context to follow!



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