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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dorchester Doubles 3000pts 7 Mar 15

Skaven and Dark Elves vs Lizardmen and High Elves


Skaven - Mark
Dark Elves - Bryan
Lizardmen - Danny
High Elves - James


Playing  straight Battleline scenario, no adjustments for players or size. The evil guys got to pick the table edge and were able to get most of their drops down and thus get the +1 to first turn, which they won.

Battlefield was a swampy wasteland with a scattering of forests and one or two swamps. Position of forests and dangerous terrain divided combat areas to focus charges and make players think carefully before charging across dangerous terrain with cavalry.

Game Time - Turn 1 Bad Guys go first. (Very rough turn breakdown)

This is the rough overview after Turn 1 charges.
Bad Guys: Doomwheel  scrambles forward on the far left and proceeds to explode a Tiranoc Chariot. Stormvermin move up, guarding their flank with a forest to deter a cavalry charge. The Plague Monks and Witch Elves run forward, eager to reach the enemy lines. The Doomfire Warlocks sprint past on the near flank of the Silver helms, ready to cause troubles. The Cold One Knights move up to support a flank charge if required. Skavenslaves on the far left move forward to deal with Skinks lurking in the far corner. Magic is uneventful, despite a boosted Amber Spear hitting one of the Bastiladon (S10, rolled a 1 to wound!).

Good Guys: Tiranoc Chariot charged the Doomwheel to revenge it fallen partner. The Frost Phoenix charges into the Stormvermin. Dragon Princes move up to charge the Skavenslaves and prepare to flank the Stormvermin. The Salamander moves forward ready spit death across its foes. The Silverhelms march forward to force a combat with the Skavenslaves. A Bastiladon turns to destroy the Warlocks now left exposed. Skinks dash from the far corner to pincer the Warlocks. The combined shooting of the Skinks and Bastiladon are enough to decimate the Warlocks, removing them from the battle. The Salamander misfires, killing three of the crew, and now dangerously too close to the approaching enemy. The Frost Phoenix chomps through plenty of the Stormvermin and BSB however is unable to break the Skaven who start chopping away at its wounds.

Game Time - Turn 2 (Combined Pics)

Bad Guys: The Skavenslaves charge the Silverhelms to try and tie them up for a few turns. The far left Skavenslaves charge the Dragon Princes in the flank, suicidal but a worthy sacrifice. The Doomwheel gets out of control and charges toward the Dragon Princes and only narrowly misses grinding over the top of its own Skavenslaves. The Dark Elf Sorceress gets an Irresistible Wyssan's Wildform off on the Stormvermin who continue to through bodies at the Frost Phoenix an accumulating wounds on the beast. The Skavenslaves on the right flank and destroyed by the Silverhelms completely, leaving the centre forces dangerously exposed. On the other flank the Skavenslaves win combat against the Dragon Princes, dragging two of the elite warriors to a terrible death. The Witch Elves and Plague Monks combo charge the poor Salamander who is rolled over with both charges carrying forward into a Bastiladon. 

Good Guys: The Silverhelms charge into the now exposed Cold One Knights, however lose four of their number to the dangerous terrain. This combat quickly drags into a slug fest with both units unable to deal decisive damage. The Cold Knights hold but cannot get organised to reform (not the last time this will occur). The Dragon Princes after having reformed (despite losing combat to Skavenslaves) are now ready and deal with the unit of Skavenslaves in quick order however as they flee fall short of reaching the Doomwheel. The Bastiladon facing the wrath of Witch Elves and Plague Monks flees combat and is chased down however the Plague Monks are trapped by a net Of Amyntok spell halting their progress, leaving them able to charge next turn into the nearby Saurus unit.

Game Time - Turn 3

Bad Guys: The Doomwheel crashes into the Frost Phoenix helping the Stormvermin to finish the beast off. Plague Monks try to charge the nearby Saurus however the Net of Amyntok once again halts their movement (quite possibly the game-changing point this dice roll). The Witch Elves turn to charge the remaining Bastiladon and Skinks which are still alive. Once again the Dark Elf Sorceress gets an irresistible Wyssan's Wildform off, this time on the Cold One Knights.

Good Guys: The Saurus Warriors reform and march away from the nearby Plague Monks, unwilling to face their destructive power. Dragon Princes reform to charge the Stormvermin and Doomwheel. A wild blast of magic wounds the Doomwheel however sends it rolling randomly. The direction send it straight towards the Saurus Warriors! The remaining Bastiladon charges the Cold One Knights helping to cull some of the hard-to-kill Knights. Despite the rampaging monster the Cold One Knights are able to inflict wounds back on the beast as well as kill some Silver Helms, holding the battle once more. The Skinks on the left flank rush forward to protect the Dragon Princes from a flank charge by the Doomwheel. The Skinks on the far right dash forward and cut down many of the Witch Elves in the open.

Game Time - Turn 4

Bad Guys: . Once again the Dark Elf Sorceress gets an irresistible Wyssan's Wildform off, this time on the Cold One Knights. The Dark Riders and Sorceress move over to assist with a flank charge into the Silverhelms before the Knights are Destroyed. The Doomwheel drops the handbrake and careens into the nearby Saurus Warriors, however inflicts only minor damage to the large unit while taking wounds damage in return due to faulty wiring on the zzap generators (Clan Pestilens conspiracy?). The Saurus reform ready to finish the meddlesome engine. With no choice the Witch Elves throw themselves at the Skinks however are reduced to the Death Hag, Assassin and Witch Elf Champion. Despite the damage the Skinks make parry saves and are able to kill the remaining Witch Elf Champion. With a bitter victory the Death Hag and Assassin brutally run down the fleeing Skinks.
Good Guys: The epic battle between with the Cold One Knights continues. The Dragon Princes reform to charge the exposed Stormvermin, eager to slay the foul Warlord in their midst. The Saurus continue to hammer at the Doomwheel, unable to bring the machine to halt. The magic of the Slaan continues to guide the Saurus as Speed of Light grants them an edge against their foes.

Game Time - Turn 5

Bad Guys: The Stormvermin charge the cowardly Skinks and cut them down quickly, running forward but blocked by the Doomwheel and its combat. Magic is terribly weak with barely a flicker of a glow able to be cast at a spell which sputters out before it finishes. The Cold One Knights, Silver Helms, and Bastiladon continue to trade blows with attrition slowly bleeding the units out.

Good Guys:  The Saurus Warriors finally destroy the troublesome Doomwheel. The Dragon Princes charge the Stormvermin, the Elf Prince cutting the Skaven Warlord down with a flick of his blade. The Stormvermin flee however are not caught. The Cold One Knights, Bastiladon, and Silverhelm slug-fest continues without a resolution.

Game Time - Turn 6

Bad Guys: The Dark Riders and Sorceress charge the Silverhelms in the Flank. Despite the Silverhelm champion blocking the additional attacks, with a cast of the Savage Beast of Horros the Sorceress cuts the Champion apart and the unit flees to be run down under hooves of the fleet Dark Riders. The Bastiladon continues to slug it out with the Cold One Knights leaving the Cold One Champion left with the Bastiladon on its last wound. The Assassin and Death Hag turn to attack, however their strength is left to late to use. The Sorceress cast Curse of Anraheir onto the Dragon Princes, forcing a tough decision on the cavalry.

Good Guys:  The last Silverhelms flee the table and the Bastiladon and Cold One Knight are unable to finish each other off. With the Dragon Princes dangerously cursed, the Prince charges froward along to send the fleeing Stormvermin off the table. Unwilling to risk combat with the Plague Censor and its Monks the Saurus stubbornly hold the ground (and points).


Great game had by all, in good spirit. A really close game, however the Good Guys were able to take away a minor victory. The Cold One Knight-Bastiladon combat would have tipped it to a draw or larger victory if the last wounds had dropped on either unit. Plenty of points taken away with most players taking armies outside of their 'usual' lists or trying new things out.

Hope you all enjoyed reading/viewing the pictures. I will endeavor to take more photos to spread the info across all turns in the future.

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