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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Project: Imperial Fists 4th Company - Vehicles

Project: Imperial Fists 4th Companyy - Vehicles

Well this has been a long time in coming due to a number of reasons, however we are here now, so onward to the vehicle scrapyard!

Each of these vehicles has been built with the concept that I can add/remove bits and pieces to change the vehicles up from Rhinos, to Predators, to Whirlwinds, to Razorbacks. Now I still need to source a full range of extra turrets so that I have all options on hand, however I will at least have the hulls ready to roll in a minimum configuration of Rhinos and Predator Annihilators.

Step 1 - Undercoat, clip, clean
A simple sorting of vehicle parts:

Building a scrapyard!:

Step 2 - Hull wall construction

The next phase in this part placing the tread on the hull walls, a reasoanbly straightforward place and glue procedure.

Step 3 - Major Part construction

This included turrets, sponsons. Blitzed passed this before taking a photo, apologies.

Step 4 - Painting the internals

This is a basic painting of the internal walls, undercarriage, control console. This is done now due to difficulty of painting once the hull is fully put together. The rear ramp is also painted at this stage.

Step 5 - Forming the Hull

This involves joining the vehicle floor plating, tracked hull walls, the internal command console, and the hull roofs. It is important to ensure that the rear access ramp is installed in this phase as it relies on the free rotation in the pivot holes provided. If you miss this, you will either have to pull the hull apart, or cut the rods off and glue the ramp to the back of the hull.

Step 6 - Painting the tread and base colouring the hull.
A straight black on the tread and their drive train provide the base for a metal colouring.

The base colour painted across the entire hull is the Avalon Yellow. This needs to be slightly watered down to all it to cover the large surfaces without going on too thickly.
Step 7 - Installing the front Hull plate.
Due to some of the detail on the front plates they are easier to base colour prior to installation in the front of the hull.

Step 8 - Second layer the formed Hull
This is a watered layer of Golden Yellow that is used as needed to adjust the colour to a brighter yellow.

Step 9 - Painting the vehicle options

This includes the sponsons and weapons, the roof top access and turret swivel, the Predator turret, and the Rhino roof-access doors. These are painted in a similar fashion to other vehicle parts.
Also at this point smaller parts of the hull which need additional painting are done.

Step 10 - Stylising and Detail work

This includes placing the marker lines across the vehicle, picking out the targeting lights, and applying transfers and vehicle markings. This stage can circle around a bit as detail is added/removed/adjusted.

Finished vehicle fleet:

I learnt a few things about vehicle production lines during the process particularly on the specific points where painting vs construction needs to be balanced out to apply consistent painting effect. Now I was interested in going down a fully modular vehicle design based on magnets for turrets, sponsons etc however found that to do this requires work very early on. This is to modify the model to account for magnets, or modify how sponsons/turrets are constructed. I chose not to do this for these models, choosing to simply supplement my turret and sponson collection with complete extras. What I did do with the magnets was securing the rear ramp and the sponsons to the internal hull - rather than use good ol' blut-tac to hold them in place.

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