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Monday, 22 July 2013

Necromunda: "The Hot Shadows" (Female Delaque Gang)

Introducing The Hot Shadows

I recently received some shiny new models thanks to Shapeways. These will be forming the foundation of a new Delaque gang I will be painting for a Necromunda Campaign that I am participating in. (No doubt they will also appear in other gangs in the future)

So I am going to log my progress here in one place and will be updating it as I go. But first, here is a pic of the new arrivals after I have given them a quick wash in warm water. These models are from the 'Stealth Ladies' series of models by notnorm. (You can find them here)

I have also ordered some bases from back2base-ix:

First step is an undercoat. I have chosen to use a white spray undercoat. There are two reasons for this. 1: I want to have the option to have some bright, flashy colours which be easier building from a white base. 2: I am out of black spray and couldn't be bothered going and finding some.

I will be introducing the characters one by one as I get through the painting for them. I will try to remember to take progress pics along the way.