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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Vogen City Herald: Do you know what is in your water?

Vogen Water Supply not so Pure!

Author: Jax Mclintok
Location: Vogen City- South West District

Citizens beware! Recent fighting in the Water Purification buildings has resulted in disturbing reports being uncovered of toxic water being supplied to homes across the city. That's right folks, you may not be safe from your own water pipes.

Sources close to the current occupation force holding the Vogen City Water Supply precinct have indicated that for the Greater Good the Tau Empire was required to secure the facility against hostile forces. Seeking clarification on this matter I travelled to the Water Purification Plant myself to interview the occupation force.

Members of the Earth Caste were on hand to provide samples and demonstrations of the water available in Vogen. They even had samples of the supply before they took over and the disparity was shocking. Toxic poisons had been started to be pumped into the water supply. Tau forces were able to fight off the saboteurs and commence cleansing the water supply.

Datacast lines have been set up for citizens to report any unusual illness that may have resulted from drinking contaminated water recently. Tau medics are on hand in well prepared facilities to receive any seriously ill citizens.

While the perpetrators of this insidious plot are yet to be fully uncovered rumours are flying amongst the refugee population that Dark Eldar raiders had been seen skulking through the buildings in the dark of the early hours. A Dark Eldar spokesperson was unable to be raised to comment on this matter.

The Vogen City Herald will continue its investigation into this and will not stop till the truth is uncovered.

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