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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Absent from the battlefield

Hi All,

Well I have been rather slack of late letting work get in the way of some decent wargaming. So nothing fancy just a quick update on what has been happening.

1. Imperial Fists continue to slowly roll off the production line. I haven't done an accurate count, but they are starting to stack up and it will only be a short while before I have enough. I haven't got to the vehicles as yet - a job for this weekend.

2. Battle Reports - I actually started taking photos and notes of a game I played vs Dark Angels. I stopped and didn't bother to report it as I was tabled before the end of Turn 3. :( This is what not playing for a while, and not keeping up with the meta and new armies/rules does to you. It was HORRIBLE!
Lessons were learnt, adjustments made. I had a rematch, figured it would go the same way. However I got the first turn, and in true Imperial Fist fashion, an alpha-strike on my opponents critical units, left me free to continue to fire at will. I will say that Death Wing Terminators soak up sooooo much firepower it is crazy!. Anyway, I will record the next battle definitely.

3. A New Project! I have put my initial orders in to build a Dark Eldar outcasts-army. Based around reavers, hellions, and maybe a few scourges. I know this is not efficient, however it will form the first corner of the larger army. Once models arrive and construction begins I will start posting some plans!

Anyway, I promise not to stay a stranger. More to follow in the near future!


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