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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Project: Imperial Fists 4th Company - Infantry Bases

Imperial Fists 4th Company - Infantry Bases

I was recently doing up a set of bases and figured I would drop a short article on the process I was using. I took some photos along the way, they are not the best, however they will convey what is going on.

1. 'Base' colour

I am using a off the craft shop shelf acrylic to provide a cheap colour to the bases to enable the rest of the model to be painted. I do this as it provides a 'context' for the models colours, against the base, and helps with the colour selection coherency. For this I am using 'Red Ochre' - basically a dark brown-red, look slike this:

On the model base it looks like this:

2. (Post model painting) PVA

Once more a generic craft shop PVA glue, I mix a little bit of water with it so that I can get it to apply evenly across the base, particularly around the models feet so there are not 'gaps'.
Generic PVA:

Looks like:

3. Flock

You could use pretty much any type of flock or texture. I am taking a slightly double-handled approach to the basing by using this flock:

If I was going for a green coloured base this would be almost done, however at the moment it looks like:

4. Re-colour

Right, so now using the Red Ochre again, I water it down and paint over the flock. The combination of water, flock, and paint, mixes to create an appearance of rough mud-grass. By going over the green flock it also allows for slightly colour variations to creep through. So an impression of grass/ground that has been stomped over and muddied, with only slight traces of the original grass is given. 

5. Trim

Now I use Mournfang Brown to go over the trim of the base. This provides a clean line with a colour that syncs into the rest of the model. I have two pics here, one I have shown previously  the other of one of the the bases I just did.

So that is how the bases are done. In hindsight I think that sourcing pre-modelled bases would have been a very good way of providing army coherency. Unfortunately that is the problem with half-started projects, the good ideas don't appear to late in the game. However, for next time maybe...

Thanks for reading.


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