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Monday, 7 January 2013

Cracking into the New Year


I hope you all had a festive start into the New Year. However, that is now so far in the past that we must look to the future. At this time, there are ongoing projects to be completed, games to be played, painting to be done, sleep to be had.

While I was away visiting family a belated Christmas present arrived - Imperial Fist vehicle doors/hatches/panels for vehicles (more to follow in another article on this!)

So the short term forecast (3-4 months) is as follows:

Imperial Fist 4th Company:
1. Vehicles! ~ 4x Predators/Rhinos/Razorbacks/Whirlwind multi-sets
2. Devastator Squad 1
3. Introduce Company Hq Characters
4. Squad Banners

Paint up Isle of Blood models
Touch up Dark Elf army - possibly replace/upgrade old models
Start in on a small Empire army to get a feel for them

1.4-5 Games vs Chazz (currently holds the Champions measuring stick)
2. continue the High Elf vs Dark Elf Civil War vs Swordmaster
3. do reporting on short notice games over universalbattle
4. dust of Dark Elf army and take to local tournaments
(happy to play games if anyone is interested - just let me know)

Longer term (4-12 months)
1. Replace gaming table with heavy duty boards
2. IF 4th Coy
  a- 2nd Assault Squad
  b- 2nd Devastator Squad
  c- 4-6th Tactical Squads
  d- Company Diorama
3. Decide on new 40k and WHFB armies to commence new projects on.

So there is plenty to do this year, and I will endeavour to keep all the articles and photos coming to you. Will also look into fixing up the layout of the site to perhaps make it easier to navigate around.

Anyway, all the best for your own activities this year!

Thanks for reading


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