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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Battle Report: Warhammer 40k 1750 points Imperial Fists Vs Necrons / Chaos Space Marines

1750 Point Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Imperial Fists 


Necrons/Chaos Space Marines

Back into the swing of things I have had another battle with Chazz. Recently he became the 2012 Champ for the ADF so I figured I would have my work cut out for me as he was bringing his winning army to the table. After even such a short break as well as mixing gaming systems, it is tricky to keep track of all the rules so there may be a few fudges here and there to keep the game going. Overall, we are getting better/faster at playing the games which is good progress as we both are deciding to get more into the tournament scene next year.

Forces on parade are:

The Good Guys (Garrison drawn from Imperial Fists 4th Company)
Captain (Artificer Armour, Relic Blade, Jump Pack)
10 x Tactical Marines (Sergeant w/Power Fist, Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
10 x Tactical Marines (Sergeant w/Power Fist, Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
10 x Assault Marines (Sgt w/Power Sword)
2 x Storm Talons (Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, Typhoon Missile Launcher)
Predator (Lascannon sponsons, Twin-linked Lascannon turret)
Predator (Lascannon sponsons, Twin-linked Lascannon turret)
Thunderfire Cannon (Still going strong!)

The Bad Guys (The Bright, Cheerful, Happy Necrons and Chaos Marines)
(may be errors in the list details)
Necron Lord (Catacomb Command Barge, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs)
1x Annihilation Barge
11 Necron Warriors
5 x Canoptek Wraiths (2x Whip Coils)
5 x Immortals (Night Scythe, Crytpek w/Abyssal Staff, Tesla Carbines)
5 x Immortals (Night Scythe, Cryptek w/Abyssal Staff, Gauss Blasters)

Chaos Lord (Power Weapons, Jump Pack, Mark of Slaanesh)
8 x Raptors (Aspiring Champion w/Lightning Claws, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War, Meltagun)
10 x Chaos Marines (Aspiring Champion w/Lightning Claw, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War, Plasma Gun)
10 x Cultists (Champion, Mark of Slaanesh, Autoguns)
2 x Obiliterators

Onwards we go.


We rolled up the battle using the standard rules. The Relic with a Hammer and Anvil Deployment. We had played the Relic once before and I had sneaked away with a very close victory so Chazz was keen to reclaim the archeotech previously stolen.  I won the deployment zone choice and chose the Eastern edge (for the purposes of Battle Chronicler). I also won the choice of first turn, and took it. Setting up I was going to be in a very difficult position to grab an early victory as I just didn't have the mobility to race forward, steal the relic and scamper back to my own lines. Needless to stay, not the ideal scenario for me.

So with all forces deployed here is where we are:
Deployment - Hammer and Anvil, Scenario - The Relic

Description for the Imperial Fists - Thunderfire Cannon and Predator at the top. Both Tactical Squads deployed as Combat Squads/Fire Support Squads across the middle. Second Predator with Scouts and Quad Gun behind Aegis Defence line at the bottom. Storm Talons, Assault Marines with Captain in reserve.

Description for the Necrons - Necron Lord on Command Barge at top with Annihilation Barges next to him. Wraiths arrayed in front of Chaos Marine Squad. Chaos Cultists lurking in a ruin. Necron Warriors south of them. Two Obiliterators on the hill, with the Raptors and Chaos Lord on the southern flank. Two Night Scythes with their Immortal and Crypteks in reserve.

Chazz failed to steal the initiative, however we did end up with a first round of night fighting.
(Side note - due to a BC fail on my behalf, the Relic was placed as a piece of terrain...which I couldn't move it is mostly simply described where/who has it...don't worry it makes sense..)

TURN 1 - (Night fighting)

Imperial Fists Turn 1
Turn 1 - Imperial Fists

A relatively quiet opening turn with only the two tactical combat squads moving forward in an attempt tot close with the relic in the middle of the table. Despite the best quality of targeting systems the northern Predator was unable to scratch the Necron Lord on his Barge. A lucky Plasma Cannon shot took out an Obliterator with the southern Predator zeroing in to vaporise the remaining one, claiming first blood. The scouts went to town on the Raptors opposite them, firing the Quad Gun on ground fire, and all the sniper rifles. They were able to take down three of the dangerously fast killers, and put a wound on the Chaos Lord.

Necrons/CSM Turn 1
Turn 1 - Necrons/CSM

The Necrons swiftly moved forward with the Wraiths landing atop the Relic ready to carry it away. The Necron and Chaos shooting was fairly uneventful, though one of the plasma gun bearers managed to melt themselves (ah the Dark Gods are fickle). Whether by lag in their command programs or scenting blood, the Wraiths surged forward to assault the Combat Squads, abandoning about the Relic they had just claimed. They butchered the two closest with the others falling back to expose the wraiths to the Imperial Fist firing line.


Imperial Fists Turn 2
Turn 2 - Imperial Fists

The Captain and his Assault Marines arrive, however wander a good way from their deepstrike target and end up stranded far in the back lines of the enemy forces. One of the Storm Talons arrives and begins an attack run on the Necron Lord threatening the artillery line. The Combat Squad rallies and coordinates its movement with its brother squad to bring firepower to bear on the exposed Wraiths. The combined strafing run of the Storm Talon and the Lascannons from the Predator cripple the Necron Command Barge which explodes, leaving the Necron Lord stranded on foot. The scouts continue their shooting spree of the rapidly approaching Raptors killing three more of them. The remaining firing line targets the wraiths, whittling them down to only two remaining models.

Necrons Turn 2
Turn 2 - Necrons/CSM

One Night Scythe arrives and deploys its Immortals with their Cryptek right next to the Assault Marines exceptionally vulnerable after their deep strike. They proceed to melt all nine of the Assault Marines and put two wounds onto the Captain, now in dire straights. The Wraiths move back to the Relic they had previously abandoned. The Raptors launch themselves into the scouts, gleefully butchering half of them, but unable to make them flee. The Necron Lord charges the Techmarine manning the Thunderfire Cannon and unleashes his Mindshackle Scarabs and watches as the Techmarine's servo-arm reaches over and tears the Techmarine's heart out.


Imperial Fists Turn 3
Turn 3 - Imperial Fists

The second Storm Talon arrived and followed along the previous firing pattern to target in on the Necron Lord in case the lead flyers couldn't kill him. It needed have bother as the first Storm Talon punctured multiple holes through the Necron Lord who despite his technology would not stand again. Free of the threat the newly arrived Storm Talon and the Predator focused their fire and brought the Annihilation Barge down in a fiery explosion, killing one of their brethren marines as collateral damage. The Fire Support squad near the squads charged into assist their dangerously outmatched juniors, however three of their four wear cut down upon arrival by the Chaos Lord, only killing one Raptor in return. The Captain eager to reclaim some glory charged the Necron Immortals, challenged the Cryptek who died swiftly. The remaining immortals unsure what to do, attempted a fighting withdrawal but were cut mercilessly down by the Captain. The Combat Squads in the middle of the table continued their running battle with the Wraiths, cutting down the Wraith carrying the Relic, leaving it just out of reach.

Necrons Turn 3
Turn 3 - Necrons/CSM

The second Night Scythe arrived and cruised down the table to bring its guns to bear on the southern flank of the firing line but was unable to cause any damage, clearly re-articulating its targeting matrix for the new battlefield. The implacable Necron Warriors stomping through the middle of the battlefield cut down three of the Marines chasing the Relic and escaping Wraith. Clearly disorientated from the bloodbath previously the Chaos Lord and his Aspiring champ were only able to cut down a single scout, who stubbornly refused to yield to the traitors.


Imperial Fists Turn 4
Turn 4 - Imperial Fists

Both Storm Talons veered to face the opposing Necron Night Scythes  The northern Storm Talon was able to bring its target crashing to the deck, narrowly avoiding more friendly collateral damage. The southern Predator was able to pick the last Wraith off as it attempt to close once again with the Relic. The two remaining Marines in the centre of the table charged the Necron Warriors, desperate to buy time for their brothers to follow up and claim the Relic. The Captain, supported by covering fire from the Lascannons of the northern Predator tore through the Traitor Marines in front of him effortlessly. However, once again he was alone and exposed in front of the enemy guns.

Necrons Turn 4
Turn 4 - Necrons/CSM

The second Night Scythe pivots to cast vengeance upon the Northern Storm Talon, as well as deploy its Immortals with their Cryptek to destroy the Marines approaching the Relic. Unable to damage the Storm Talon, they were still satisfied by the vaporisation of the two marines at the hands of the Cryptek's Abyssal staff. The cultists, inspired by a dark frenzy were able to cause a single wound, which finally managed to find a weak point in the Captains heavy battered armour, bringing his righteous path of slaughter to an end. The lone Sergeant fighting the Necron Warriors could not hold out and was brought down by their sheer weight of numbers. The single Scout and Marine continued duel with the Chaos Lord and his aspiring champ, trying to stop the pair rampaging into the gun line. The scout, unable to keep up with his opponent was finally brought down, leaving one Marine, bravely fighting on.


Imperial Fists Turn 5
Turn 5 - Imperial Fists

The Storm Talons vector in and almost succeed in wiping out the entire Necron Warrior squad, but leave one standing, and two of his fellows warriors get back up, still securing the Relic. The lone Marine is finally destroyed by the Chaos Lord who splits from his Raptor bodyguard to jump on the Quad Gun. The remnants of the firing line try and bring down the Immortals and any target left in their firing arcs, but are unable to inflict serious casualties.

Necrons Turn 5
Turn 5 - Necrons/CSM

The Night Scythe moves to the east, outside of the firing line, its mission complete. The Immortals stomp towards the enemies shooting them, trying to increase the body count of the Marines. The Chaos Lord in a Slaanesh driven by a fit of pleasure unleashes with the Quad Gun on the southern Storm Talon, but is only able to glance it. (Ironically, if he had destroyed it, I may have been able to crash into his warriors, killing them who were holding the Relic and potentially he could have lost the win...ah the Dark Gods are fickle :) ) The Raptor Aspiring Champion tried some grenade practice before charging into the rear armour of the Predator, slicing through it like cheese with his lightening claws (rolled 3 sixes...ouch).


Imperial Fists Turn 6
Turn 6 - Imperial Fists

The Imperial Fist Tacticians began commencing contingency operations to minimise the damage. Targeting vectors were sent through for the Chaos Lord and Raptor closest to the supply lines. One of the Storm Talons was able to reduce the Quad Gun previously under Imperial Fist control to rumble, leaving the Chaos Lord exposed, however the second was unable to meet the manoeuvre required to bring its firepower to bear and the Chaos Lord managed to survive. The northern Predator pivoted and took sight of the Raptor that had destroyed its twin, subsequently vaporising it three pulses of Lascannon fire. The sole Fire Support Squad remaining opened up on the Immortals approaching seeking to deny the Necron forces any more of the victory and were able to bring down three of them.

Necrons Turn 6
Turn 6 - Necrons/CSM

The Necron Warriors continued to skulk in the ruins with their precious Relic, positive algorithms passing communications back to the command chain, awaiting more orders. The Immortals continued their march towards the marines, killing all but one of the Marines that had been shooting at them.

The Necrons had won the day.


Okay, a fantastic game! Yes, it is the Relic scenario, which I know many people don't like. However it does shake it up from the usual armies. Chazz had a great army that really played well together. This obviously paid off for him at the ADF tournament, and I was glad I had a chance to face it on less competitive terms! Okay, thoughts and comments:

Movement: A tough game given that with a narrow field it all surges towards the middle. I didn't have the mobility in the army to rush forward, put enough forces on the relic to enable me to seize it, or swoop in later game to steal it. This was my first real game with flyers and I still have some work to do on how best to use them.
Shooting: Not too bad, overall I didn't have a turn where I completely failed at shooting, so I was always able to cause some damage. As much as I like the plasma-cannons I think I may need to switch them out for something more likely to get more hits...we will see. 
Assault: So...who needs an assault squad, all I need is a single captain! Alas he lost his assault squad brothers (shields) and was vulnerable to be brought down. If he had passed that one armour save, I possibly could have torn through the cultists and into the Necron Warriors, and probably forcing the draw....ah well. Oh and yeah, the scouts and combat squad got killed by the Raptors and Chaos Lord....except they held them up for 4 full turns...that is a very fair trade!

Overall - a really good game and I will be having another in the very near future. Hopefully a few more tweaks to the army and we will see what happens!

Hope you enjoyed the battle, thanks for reading!


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