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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Project: Imperial Fists 4th Company - Tactical Squads

The Imperial Fist 4th Company - Tactical Squads

Codex Astartes decrees that a Space Marine Battle Company have a set structure that is based around tactical flexibility and provides strategic options to the Chapter for deploying Company's throughout the Imperium in the knowledge that they can adapt and cope with any circumstance.

The core of these Battle Company's is the humble Tactical Squad.

So I have 6 of these to put together to form the core around which all battles will be fought.

I have been able to plug away and get at least 3 of the squads done. There is something preferable about playing with painted models. Below is some pics of the squads. These consist of the basic marines, a flamer, and missile launcher models however, any Imperial Fists Battle Company worth its salt will have a reasonably sized armoury to repair, replace and select weapons from. I will be posting the optional special and heavy weapons in a separate section as these are quite adjustable and should be to maintain combat flexibility. (Fancy words to say that it is more interesting to paint a few special weapon models rather than piles of regular marines).

Imperial Fists 4th Company Tactical Squads 1-3

Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2

Tactical Squad 3

I have based each squad around a Sergeant with a Powerfist. This certainly was a reasonable method of conveying a few S8 power weapon hits into a combat or a vehicle. However once the core forces are done I will be making alternative Sergeants with a mix of weaponry to swap out should I choose to.

As I previously posted, each of the marines follows the same basic painting process and ensures that all the marines look and feel part of the same squad, and army. I have some ideas on how to provide some flair to the Sergeant, however I will cover this in a separate post.

So far I have done 3 squads, so I am half way there (as pictured below). Once they are all done I will make a short post to celebrate and post up a picture of the complete 6 Tactical Marine Squads.

Thanks for reading.


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