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Monday, 1 October 2012

Battle Report: Warhammer 40K Imperial Fist vs Necrons

1750 Point Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Imperial Fists (The Good Guys - *cheer*)


Necrons (The Bad Guys - *booo*)

Hi all I am writing this battle report up to provide some entertainment for the masses and to explore the performance of my Imperial Fists 4th Company as they battle their way across the Imperium (and beyond).

The following battle is the first I have taken photos of and recorded information about what happened during the game. I have plugged it all into Battle Chronicler to develop the maps for each turn. This is the first attempt at this and I will certainly look to improve each report as we go on.

As a bit of history Chazz (from Non-Fiction Gaming notoriety) and I have been getting back into 6th Ed WH40K and we have played about seven games now. The first few he crushed me. Then I changed my army up, smacked him back. Which brings us to this game where he has changed it up again bringing new units, some allies, and a different battle plan to improve the fortunes of his battered Necrons Warhost.

The armies for today's clash are as follows:

The Good Guys (Garrison drawn from Imperial Fists 4th Company)
Librarian (Power Armour, Force Axe)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher, Powerfist, Rhino)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher, Powerfist, Rhino)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher, Powerfist, Rhino)
10 x Assault Marines (Powerfist)
2 x Landspeeders (2 x Heavy Bolters each)
Dreadnought (Twin-Linked Lascannon, DCCW w/Heavy Flamer)
Dreadnought (Twin-Linked Lascannon, DCCW w/Heavy Flamer)
Predator (Lascannon sponsons, Twin-linked Lascannon turret)

The Bad Guys (The Evil Necrons Warhost - with token greenskins)
Imotekh the Stormlord
2 x Harbinger of Despair (with Abyssal Staff each)
10 x Immortals (Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe)
10 x Immortals (Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe)
6 x Canoptek Wraith (2 x Whip Coils)
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Warboss (Cybork Body, 'Eavy Armour, Power Klaw)
19 Boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw)
11 Boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw, Trukk)
Battlewagon (Deff Rolla, Big Shoota, Armour Plates)

So with the stage set, onto the battle.


We rolled up the battle using the standard rules. The Scouring with Vanguard Deployment. After placing out the 6 random-value objectives, I won the deployment zone choice and chose the southern edge (for the purposes of Battle Chronicler). Chazz and his Necrons won the choice of first turn, and took it. (Imotekh gives a handy bonus to stealing the initiative, however Chazz didn't want to risk it). With the Necrons on the board I had 3 objectives in short range and essentially castled-up in the corner ready to throw some early game firepower out and force him to come to me.

So with all forces deployed here is where we are:
Description for the Necrons - Boyz in Trukk next to an Annihilation barge, across to the Canoptek Wraiths, across to the second Annihilation Barge and the Battle wagon. Everything else was held in reserve in Night Scythes.

Description for the Imperial Fists - Rhino on the left flank with Tactical Squad in front of a Dreadnought. Both whirlwinds tucked in the back corner. The two Landspeeders hiding behind the hill. The Librarian and another Tactical Squad settled in on the hill (already holding a objective). The third Tactical Squad in from of the second Dreadnought, with space for the Predator behind it. Another two rhinos and the Assault Marines on the far right.

At this stage we rolled up the points for the objectives, with the bulk of the higher value objectives sitting in the Necrons area of control. I was holding a 1 point objective on the bottom-left hill. Imotekh made it auto-night fighting and we got the game underway.
I failed to seize the Initiative and the Necrons started to advance.

TURN 1 - Night fighting (Auto thanks Imotekh)

Necrons Turn 1
Necrons Turn 1
(The Trukk and Boyz actually hid behind the hill in their movement, then went flat-out to reach the board edge - acknowledged as a poor tactical decision by Chazz very shortly)

Movement: In true Ork fashion the Boyz hit the 'Big Red Button' and swerved wildly out of their deployment and went search for the Imperial Fist left flank. The Annihilation Barges both floated across and tucked themselves up against ruin walls in order to hide (cowards!). The Wraiths phased their way up next to an objective in the middle of the table, behind a wall. The Battlewagon (true Orks) rumbled directly towards the Imperial Fist lines, the Warboss shouting and curses from atop to go faster.

Shooting: Imotekh called forth the the storm above and lashed out across the Imperial Fist forces. All were lucky except for the highly metallic Predator which was destroyed by an epic lightning bolt leaving nothing but a crater behind to mark its position. The Annihilation Barge was able to reach out a touch a single marine, killing it easily.

Imperial Fists Turn 1
Imperial Fists Turn 1
The immediate destruction of the Predator was a concern for the Imperial Fists Tacticians, however with relatively light damage otherwise, the battle was there for the taking.
Movement: Spotting the overstretch of the over-eager Orks, a Tactical squad moved up to surround the Trukk and enclose all the Boyz inside it in a cage of power armoured death. Similarly the Assault squad launched itself over the hills and up next to the Battlewagon to dismember it with Krak grenades and the Sergeants Powerfist. The Landspeeders scooted out from behind the hill, ready to unleash hot bolter shells on any infantry that fell in their sights.

Shooting: The western Dreadnought targeted the western Annihilation Barge, scoring pinpoint hits, which dissipated harmlessly of their target. Missile launchers from the Tactical Squads had similar fortune. The second Dreadnought targeted the Battlewagon, hoping to force the Orks inside out into the open. Scoring a a hit its Lascannon merely scratched the Battlewagon. The Whirlwinds sent rockets soaring into the sky to land among the Wraiths however were only able to kill a single model. The Landspeeders, with no light infantry in the open unleashed on the Wraiths that they could see. A good half dozen bolter shells exploded among the Wraiths, however all survived the withering storm of metal. Overall a very unlucky shooting phase with no significant damage being dealt to the Necrons vehicles.

Assault: The Tactical Squad swarmed the Trukk, however were overly zealous in their attacks, as the Trukk exploded, killing a marine, and allowing 4 of the Boyz and the Nob to deploy in the crater left behind. (I was working for a wrecked result, which would have killed all the Boyz as they would not have been able to disembark. The Assault Squad has similar luck, with Krak Grenades finding all the right places to fly into the Battlewagon and send it exploding into another crater on the battlefield. This killed a marine and a half dozen Boyz that had been ejected abruptly from their ride.

TURN 2 (Night fighting again, thanks Imotekh)

Necrons Turn 2
Necrons Turn 2
Movement: Both Night Scythes came sweeping onto the left flank. One of the Immortal squads beamed out of their transport delivering themselves and their Cryptek to the surface in front of the Tactical Squad that was surrounding the last few remaining Orks who had been previously pinned by there exploding Trukk. The Annihilation Barges continued their floating drift towards the Imperial Fist lines lining up fresh targets for their weapons. Wraiths and the surviving mob of Boyz with their Warlord swarmed out of their Destroyed Battlewagon to surround the Assault Marines.

Shooting: Once again lightning arced from the sky. This time causing a whirlwind to short circuit and fuse its wiring and start electrical fires inside, wrecking it for the rest of the battle. The eastern Annihilation barge fired upon the Landspeeders who were lucky to jink most of the damage, only suffering a glancing hit. A nearby Rhino was unlucky enough to receive an arcing Tesla shot which caused it to explode. The other Annihilation Barge and Night Scythes opened up on the Dreadnoughts. A glancing hit on one and a Vehicle stunned result was all they were able to inflict. The Harbinger of Doom stretched out his Abyssal Staff and vaporised three Tactical Marines. The remaining immortals killed two more marines with their Tesla Carbines.

Assault: The wraiths and Orks descended upon the isolated Assault Marines. In a swirl of chainswords, whip coils, choppas and Power Klaws, a single Ork was killed. Every Assault Marine was torn to shreds.
Valiant Assault Marines
No More Assault Marines

Imperial Fists Turn 2
Imperial Fists Turn 2
With the imminent destruction of the forward elements the Imperial Fist Tacticians began calculating the requirement for victory and looked on grimly as the Necrons continued to advance.
Movement: Needing to use this turn to destroy the Necrons weapon platforms most units stayed still apart from small adjustments. The Landspeeders moved forward to target the Orks now left in the open, with a turbo boost planned for next turn to bring them next to the 4 point objective in the Necrons deployment zone which was currently undefended. The three marines left on the left flank turned to face their foes prepared to sacrifice their lives.

Shooting: Lascannons and Missile launchers streamed from the Imperial Fist battle lines striking both Annihilation Barges, and a Night Scythe. Once again all hits failed to cause even glancing damage. (Impending armoury inspection for ammunition quality control to occur).

Assault: The Tactical Marines charge the Necrons only losing one marine to the mass of overwatch fire. The Sergeant calls out the Cryptek who cowardly hides behind his Immortals. A single Immortal is killed. A drawn combat.

TURN 3 (The end of night fighting)

Necrons Turn 3
Necrons Turn 3
Movement: With the Imperial Fists forward defences crumbling Imotekh orders his army forward at full speed toward the remaining marines. The Ork boyz get distracted by a shiny object on the hill behind them and wander off in the other direction to inspect it.

Shooting: With the storm cleared no more lightning strikes were forthcoming. However, with the arrival of the Night Scythes and both Annihilation Barges fully functional their combined firepower was unleashed across the Imperial Fists formation. The Landspeeders disappeared in a Tesla cloud, the right flank Dreadnought had its sarcophagus penetrated causing catastrophic damage, wrecking it for the rest of the battle. The second whirlwind was exploded by a Night Scythe and a Rhino was peeled apart by an Annihilation Barge.

Assault: The Ork Boyz had finally gotten out of their crater and jumped with glee upon the surviving Tactical Marines engaged with the Necrons and subsequently killed them both. The wraiths floated forward into the right flank Tactical Squad. After suffering three casualties and only inflicting a single wound the Tactical Marines fell back towards their center  The Wraiths drifted back to float near the objective on the hill, confident in their ability to shrug off anything the Imperial Fists could throw at them.

Imperial Fists Turn 3
Imperial Fists Turn 3
The Imperial Fists Tacticians grimly looked at the reports streaming into the Command Platform. A stubborn hold out may be able to secure enough of the objectives.
Movement: A slight re-positioning to enable better fire lanes was all the movement available to the reduced Imperial Fists forces.

Shooting: The remaining Dreadnought once more opened up on the Annihilation Barge and once again the shot bounced off a shiny part of the Barge. The missile launchers sent rockets spiraling into the sky, both striking the Night Scythe still carrying the Necrons Warlord. Despite both hits, once again the rockets were unable to scratch the infernal machines.

At this point the Imperial Fists Tacticians declared an emergency evacuation and secured the withdrawal of the remaining beleaguered forces before they were completely destroyed.

Post-Battle Wrap-Up

Another great game. Chazz has continued to adjust and adapt his army and told me after he had the chance to try the army out a few days ago. The introduction of Imotekh and the use of Orks to bulk up his forces has definitely paid off. In the post-game discussion we discussed some of the alternatives that may have been open to me. I could have kept a squad or two of Tactical Marines in reserve ready to rush on to plug a gap if needed. I could have stretched my deployment out. However, even then looking back, I would not have made too many adjustments to how I approached or played the game. Ultimately, the previous few games I have played with this army, I have been able to 'alpha-strike' the Necrons vehicles in almost a single turn through a combination of the two Dreadnoughts, the Predator, and random Missile Launchers. This game, despite having many, many hits on all his vehicles, nothing I fired would penetrate his armour. This left all his vehicles free to float about and unleash on my army, and tied up my heavy weapons from blasting his heavy combat troops away before they got to my lines. Bad luck? I certainly can't blame it, though I will put it down to it simply not being the Imperial Fists day for glory.

Thanks to Chazz for the game. We have already planned another game and I will be continuing to post the battle reports as fast as I can.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post comments below.

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