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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Battle Report: Warhammer 40k 1850 points Imperial Fists vs Necrons

1850 Point Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Imperial Fists (The Good Guys - *cheer*)


Necrons (Still The Bad Guys - *booo*)

So this is the second battle report I am writing. It comes on the eve of an informal in-store 'tournament' about to take place over the weekend. Once again Chazz was the opponent. As we are both going to play in the upcoming games we decided to play with the lists we would take to the 'tournament'. This is a continuation of the Imperial Fists 4th Company efforts to rid to Imperium of its enemies. (There happen to be a lot of Necrons in this sector of space...)

The armies for today's clash are as follows:

The Good Guys (Garrison drawn from Imperial Fists 4th Company)
Captain(Artificer Armour, Relic Blade, Jump Pack)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
10 x Tactical Marines (Flamer, Plasma Cannon)
8 x Scouts (Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks, Sgt Telion)
9 x Assault Marines (Sgt w/Lightning Claws)
2 x Landspeeders (2 x Heavy Bolters each)
Dreadnought (Twin-Linked Lascannon, DCCW w/Heavy Flamer)
Dreadnought (Twin-Linked Lascannon, DCCW w/Heavy Flamer)
Predator (Lascannon sponsons, Twin-linked Lascannon turret)
Predator (Lascannon sponsons, Twin-linked Lascannon turret)

The Bad Guys (The Evil Necrons Warhost - with token greenskins)
Imotekh the Stormlord
2 x Harbinger of Despair (with Abyssal Staff each)
10 x Immortals (Gauss Carbines, Night Scythe)
10 x Warriors (Gauss Rifles, Night Scythe)
10 x Warriors (Gauss Rifles)
6 x Canoptek Wraith (2 x Whip Coils)
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Warboss (Cybork Body, 'Eavy Armour, Power Klaw)
10 Boyz (Choppas and Sluggas, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole, Trukk)
11 Boyz (Choppas and Sluggas, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole, Trukk)
3 x Warbikes (Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole)

So with the stage set, onto the battle.


We rolled up the battle using the standard rules. Big Guns Never Tire with Hammer and Anvil Deployment. After placing out the 5 objectives (each worth 3 points), I won the deployment zone choice and chose the Eastern edge (for the purposes of Battle Chronicler). I also won the choice of first turn, and took it. Setting up I had a strong position to move across, seize my objectives, and hold on for grim life to achieve the victory.

So with all forces deployed here is where we are:
 Description for the Necrons - Both Annihilation Barges and the Ork Warbikes at the top. Wraiths centre-left. Both Trukks with their Boyz inside. One unit of Necron Warriors on the Hill. Remaining units were held in reserve in their Night Scythes.

Description for the Imperial Fists - Scouts dug-in inside the ruin. Dreadnought at the top. Combat Squad next to the Scouts. A full Tactical Squad in centre of the battle-line. Two Predators at the rear. On the hill two Combat Squads (with the Plasma Cannons) and a Dreadnought. On the left flank a Combat Squad and the Assault Marines are supported by the Landspeeders lurking behind them. Everything is on the table.

Chazz stole the initiative (thanks to a devious Imotekh) and we got started.

TURN 1 - Night fighting (Auto thanks Imotekh)

Necrons Turn 1
Necrons Turn 1
Movement: The Orks crashed and bashed there way forward towards the Imperial Fists lines, ignoring the shiny objectives as they hurtled past them. The Annihilation Barges floated forwards to range their cannons at the Dreadnought on my right flank.

Shooting: Imotekh shouted that the swirling storm above and a lightning bolt lashed downwards to strike on a Dreadnought, leaving a scratch but nothing serious. Shaking his fist at the storm, Imotekh unleashed his Annihilation Barges fire controls. Both Barges fired at the Dreadnought in range. A cloud of Tesla coiled around the Dreadnought ever-so-slowly stripping armour and equipment. Finally on the last of the bursts the concentrated fire broke through the Dreadnoughts armour and it collapsed, wrecked.

Imperial Fists Turn 1
Imperial Fists Turn 1
(The Dreadnought at the top is actually wrecked)

The loss of the Dreadnought suddenly opened up a dangerous whole on my right flank for the Ork warbikes to punch through and began causing havoc with the Power Klaw to my other vehicles.

Movement: With a few avenues of advance still open to the Orks, the left flank combat Squad and Assault Squad moved up to close off any left flank advance. As reports on the approaching warbikes filtered across the comms-net the Landspeeders zoomed out from behind the hill to bring their Heavy Bolters to bear on the fast moving bikes.

Shooting: Predators and Dreadnoughts opened fire on the Annihilation Barges. Causing a single glancing hits, unable to punch through the Phase Shifter which would have them rather easily to kill. One of the Ork Trukks was brought to a wrecked halt by well-timed volley of Krak grenades and a drifting Plasma Cannon shot. Still lacking practice using their weapons, the scouts could not harm a single warbike. Showing how it was down properly Sergeant Telion sights the Nob warbiker and fires a single shot, striking and wounding the angry Ork. Unbalanced slightly by the impact the Nob uses a nearby warbike to balance himself, in the process causing it the run straight into a rock, killing the Ork and the bike.

TURN 2 (Night fighting again, thanks Imotekh)

Necrons Turn 2
Necrons Turn 2
Movement: The Orks dive forward from their wrecked truck ready to swamp the Combat Squad they saw the destructive grenades. The Canoptek Wraiths drift swiftly forward, ready to sweep the scouts occupying the ruins from their precious hiding place. Eager to attack the Space Marine Captain, the Warboss orders the Trukk to race towards them at speed. The bumpy crossing of rock piles distracts the Warboss and he forgets to get his Boyz out. (Chazz forgot about the limits of movement and was unable to unload his Warboss and Boyz and get into combat, leaving them stranded in the middle of the table. The Warbikes with the right flank opened, came careening around the corner at full speed ready to crash into the Imperial Fists vehicles parked at the rear.

Shooting: Lightning lashed out once again across the Imperial Fists lines. The remaining functional Dreadnought took a glancing hit (Dreadnoughts must have a higher metal content or something) and a Assault Marine was vaporised by a stray lightning bolt. One Annihilation Barge opened fire on one of the Predators but were only able to glance the heavy front armour. The other opened fire at the Assault Marines, however was only able to kill one of the fast moving marines.

Assault: The Orks throw themselves at the Combat Squad in front of them taking two casualties from a sudden wall of flame they had to run through. Casualties back and forth leave the Sergeant alone fighting with the half-dozen Orks. (Initially we included the overwatch casualties as part of the combat result, and the Orks fled and were killed. However after some discussion we diced and Chazz returned them to the table as apparently Overwatch casualties don't apply to combat results - we had been playing it the other way in previous games). The Wraiths phased in and out of sight, launching a devastating assault on the Scouts leaving only a single Scout and Sergeant Telion alive without taking a single casualty. 

Imperial Fists Turn 2
Imperial Fists Turn 2
With hordes of Orks and a nasty pack of Wraiths swarming through the Imperial Fists battle lines I needed to clear them quickly or be overrun by them.

Movement: With an Ork Trukk loaded up with a Warboss and Boyz right in the middle of my front line, the Imperial Fists turned to face this threat and raised their guns. The Landspeeders cruised over the tanks to get better sight pictures on the fast approaching Warbikes. The Assault Squad moved at pace to the right flank to support the lone Sergeant battling the Ork Boyz.

Shooting: Another volley of Krak grenades forced the Warboss and his Boyz out of their wrecked Trukk and onto the battlefield in front of the Imperial Fists guns. The predators finally brought down a Annihilation Barge. The Dreadnought was able to sight the remaining Annihilation Barge but was only able to glance it. The Landspeeders were able to reduce the warbikes to wreckage and started analysing their priority target list. A combination of Plasma Cannons, Flamers, and Bolters rampaged into the Ork Boyz squad in the open. Reducing them to a small handful, and the Warboss.

Assault: With the arrival of the Captain and his Assault Squad the Ork Boyz were completely wiped out without striking a blow. With a few swift orders and a nod to the Sergeant, the Captain began moving back towards the reported location of the Ork Warboss. The Scouts were wiped out and the Wraiths drifted past their remains silently and with barely a pause.

TURN 3 (The end of night fighting)

Necrons Turn 3
Necrons Turn 3
Movement: With his Wraiths running rampant in the Imperial Fists Battle Lines, Imotekh releases their combat controls so he can concentrate on why his Night Scythe is having difficulty arriving at the battle. Confident they can charge the puny marine Combat Squad in front of them the Warboss and his remaining Boyz laugh and jeer at the Imperial Fists about to die. A single Night Scythe arrives ready to bring a squad of Necron Warriors onto the table ready to follow through after the Ork Warboss.

Shooting: The Annihilation Barge, sighting the Sergeant moving through the ruins towards an objective opens fire in an effort to clear the precious objective from hostile influence. Unfortunately the Emperor was watching over the Sergeant (still) who survived all the shots. The Orks, could not hit or wound the marines with their Slugga's (which was not very important to the Ork Warboss who was about to crush heads).

Assault: The Wraith swiftly closed on an undefended Predator and the Landspeeders to tear them to shreds. The Predator and a Landspeeder were both torn into wrecks in a matter of moments. Shouting at his Boyz the Warboss got sidetracked and forgot to start running towards the marines. A burst of Flamer and a few bolter shells later, the Warboss realised his Boyz hadn't got into combat (rolled a 3 for charge distance, needed a 5). Angry at the Boyz for getting him sidetracked the Warboss started shouting at them again. (Lucky break for the Imperial Fists).

Imperial Fists Turn 3
Imperial Fists Turn 3
Seeing the stranded Ork Warboss the Imperial Fists Tacticians begin redirecting their fire-orders, eager to seek advantage from their enemies mistakes.
Movement: The remaining Landspeeder cruised away from the destructive Wraiths so it could put some fire-power onto stranded Ork Boyz. Receiving orders to remain stationary and continue laying down anti tank fire, the Predator only continue selecting targets. The Captain and Assault Squad seeing the dangers of the Wraiths quickly pivot themselves and run at the creatures, ready to do battle. The central Tactical Squad moves into the rocky ground to begin securing the objective, and to bring more weapons to bear on the Ork Boyz.

Shooting: With its orders clear, the Predator lances out at the remaining Annihilation Barge, destroying it in a full volley of Lascannon fire. The Dreadnought tries to line a shot up on the Night Scythe and misses. Every other gun the Imperial Fists battle line opens up on the Ork Boyz. As the last Bolter fired only the Warboss and Nob remained, each with only a single wound.

Assault: With screaming jets the Captain and Assault Marines crash into the Wraiths. So keen on the attack, the Captain missed every enemy (rolled four 1's. Seriously...). The Sergeant keen to cover over the Captains mistake lashed out furiously hitting and wounding with all his attacks, which the Wraiths were ale to save (damn 3+ invul saves!). The remaining marines were able to cause a single wound. The Wraiths in return lashed out and killed two of the foolish marines. (not the best of combats). The Captain determined to make up for the poor showing refused to fall back and grimly decided to continue to fight.


Necrons Turn 4
Necrons Turn 4
Movement: With the increasing derangement of the Warboss and the devastating casualties, the Nob decides to go seek a prize instead of waiting around to die. The second Night Scythe arrives, guided by Imotekh and deploys its Squad of Immortals onto an objective back near the Necrons deployment zone. The first Night Scythe seeing the opportunity fleeing to break through with the Warboss deploys its Necron Warriors to support the rapidly weakening flank.

Shooting: The Warboss misses everything, but flexes his Power Klaw in anticipation. The Necrons Warriors and Immortals concentrate their fire on the Tactical Squad in the rocky ground, killing eight of the Marines, who fall back to regroup.

Assault: With a roar the Warboss chargers towards the Combat Squad surviving the flames and bolter shells to get into combat. With annoyance the Sergeant holsters his pistol and jabs the Warboss in the throat, killing the large angry Ork. The Captain hearing the reports of the fallen Ork Warboss reinvigorates his squad and they are able to deal two wounds to the Wraiths however the Captain takes a wound from a lucky strike.

Imperial Fists Turn 4
Imperial Fists Turn 4
Movement: With  Necron Warrior Squad now blocking the left flank, fire orders are passed along the line and the Imperial Fists stand firm. The central Tactical Squad regroups and moves up into cover of the wrecked Trukk, both within reach of the objective. The sole Sergeant on the right flank, moves into hard cover behind a ruined wall.

Shooting: Firing burst of Lascannon into the sky the Predator was able to fuse the engine controls on the lead Night Scythe. With no other targets all other weapons fire open the Necron Warriors in the open. Seven warriors and the Cryptek are brought down. Seeing the tactical implausibility of remaining the Necron Warriors fall back, leaving the broken remains of their squad behind. A stray Plasma Cannon shot, vaporising the back of the Ork Nob who stumbles a few more steps then collapses in sight of his shiny objective.

Assault: The swirl of chainswords and power weapons, coils, and claws continues. Only the Captain, Sergeant and a single Assault Marine remain. However, they are now facing four wraiths, two of which are on a single wound.


Necrons Turn 5
Necrons Turn 5
Movement: With jammed engines the Night Scythe flies forward to secure shots on the Predators side armour. The Necron Warriors continue to fall back. The Immortals re-adjust their position to bring more targets into sight.

Shooting: . The Night Scythe punches through the weaker side armour and the Predator is wrecked. The Immortals manage to kill a single marine in retaliation for the foolish Warboss.

Assault: The Grand Melee continues. The Assault Marine falls but takes two Wraith with him.

Imperial Fists Turn 5
Imperial Fists Turn 5
(The Combat Squad that makes it into the building rolled a 6 to run. I didn't have them placed accurately on the map in the previous turns.)

Movement: The Combat Squad realising it could possibly secure and objective, and get into cover begins a sprint forwards to the buildings in front of them. Holding two objectives with only 1 or two marines, and gambling on reaching a third, there was a slim chance for victory.

Shooting: Attempting to dislodge the Immortals from their objective, fire from the Landspeeders and Plasma Cannons was unable to cause enough damage to force a move. The Combat Squad with a burst of chemically infused adrenalin dashed across the open space and into the Building, bringing them in range of the objective, as well as two Necron Squads.

Assault:  Another Wraith is killed, but the Captain takes another wound leaving him dangerously unhealthy.

(If the game ends, I win!)

TURN 6 (Game did not end...)

Necrons Turn 6
Necrons Turn 6
Movement: The only movements is the Night Scythes lining up fresh shots, and the Immortals repositioning to lay down fire on the marines stealing the objective.

Shooting: A Night Scythe causes a the remaining Landspeeder to crash and burn. Imotekh, his Cryptek, the Immortals Squad, and a Necron Warrior Squad fire everything at the four marines in the building, killing only 2. The three Necron Warriors retreating receive over-ride orders and fire back towards the battle as they walk away, bringing down one more marine, leaving the Sergeant alone to hold the building.

Assault:  The Last Wraith is Killed. Huzzah!

Imperial Fists Turn 6
Imperial Fists Turn 6
There was not a lot of action in my last turn. I really needed the game to end. Else it came down to to simply digging in and surviving anything that could hit me. If I lost even one of the objectives, it would be a loss due to the Necrons getting First Blood.

Movement: The Sergeant in the building moves up to ensure he is in range of the objective. The Captain moves back to support the sole Sergeant hiding in the ruins.

Shooting: The Dreadnought tries to fire off another shot at the Night Scythes and misses again .

We roll for end of game. Thankfully it ends. An Imperial Fists Victory.

Post-Battle Wrap-Up

Fantastic game. A much longer game than our previous one (twice as long in fact). There were periods in the battle where frustration and lack of luck were mind-boggling. This game swung back and forth and really could have gone either way. The Ork Warboss didn't perform poorly so much as chaotically (so par for the Ork course). However this did mean that him and his squad were stranded out in the open for far too long. Also the lucky dash of my Combat Squad into the building enabled me to steal the victory which would have other wise been a loss by 1 point).  I had a few very lucky dice at the end which allowed me to tip the balance of objectives to steal the victory. Of the 48 Marines I deployed with, I departed with 15. A bloody battle. Well fought. We both learnt a lot from the game, which was the overall idea.

Playing a 'prep' game pointed out some weaker parts of the army, and areas where we could adjust the army list, or identify ways in which we needed to use the army to get the most out of it.

Thanks to Chazz for the game. No doubt the conflict between the Imperial Fists and Necrons will continue. I will post up a short article on the results of the store games in the near future.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post comments below.

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