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Hi all, thanks for arriving and having a read of the articles on here. It is all a scrolling Blog however every article is labelled and titled as accurately as I can. Use the label list or article lists to go straight to what you want to read (if you haven't found it already!). I have added summary pages in the top bar, that will have all the direct links to related posts.


Saturday, 29 September 2012


With the amount of potential ideas and project likely to get underway in the near future I have dragged all my gaming related activities out into this blog. Hopefully I can start getting things underway and articles appearing sooner rather than later.

On the horizon will be some reporting and updating on the following projects:

Imperial Fists 4th Company
Iron Warriors Redux (with new Codex Chaos arriving shortly)
Battle Reports
Tournament Reports
Podcasts with players

So just a few things to be working on. So let's see how it all goes and come back and review in a few months.

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