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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Project: Imperial Fist 4th Company

This project commenced many years ago in a fit of inspiration and has been something that has been chipped away at over the years. The first stage was purchasing most of the models, which then sat loyally in their boxes as I got distracted. However, I have begun attacking these and getting them assembled, painted and out onto the tables.

Backtracking to the beginning. As a quick refresher a Space Marine Battle Company has a reasonably rigid core force structure. With a chapter looking something like this:

Essentially, I picked the 4th Company by mostly random choice with slight consideration to the Company colour trimmings for shoulder pads etc. Now the Imperial Fists 4th Company consists of its Company Headquarter elements being a Captain, Chaplain, Apothecary, and Standard Bearer. There is 6 Tactical squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads forming the manpower of the company. Supporting these is a variety of vehicles such as Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Landspeeders, Bikes, etc.
While this is the strict company organisation, I have treated this project as having the 4th Company in its entirety, plus some attachments (such as scouts, a couple of heavy vehicles) as being deployed to conduct its business.

So this project aims to fill the company with all of the organic characters, squads, and vehicles. From there additional assets will be attached to flesh out the Task Force.

Most battles will not see the whole company on the table. At about 3000 points there is scope to squeeze most of the company in without attachment or up-equipping the army. I am planning that once this project is complete I will be able to organise a battle-display with the whole company and its attachments are deployed. I expect this battle to be played at 4000-5000 points.

As part of my initial burst of enthusiasm I was able to obtain a number of Imperial Fist Shoulder pads which will be a very simple but consistent way of providing the details to the army to bring it all together. Other than that it will be coming down to painting and overall consistency to achieve the overall look.

I will be posting up my painting results and progress through the project as we go along. Hopefully keeping track of it all will keep the enthusiasm going to complete the project this time round. I will also work on posting battle reports for the forays I am able to make onto the tables.

Until then let the great works commence (continue..)



With the amount of potential ideas and project likely to get underway in the near future I have dragged all my gaming related activities out into this blog. Hopefully I can start getting things underway and articles appearing sooner rather than later.

On the horizon will be some reporting and updating on the following projects:

Imperial Fists 4th Company
Iron Warriors Redux (with new Codex Chaos arriving shortly)
Battle Reports
Tournament Reports
Podcasts with players

So just a few things to be working on. So let's see how it all goes and come back and review in a few months.